Letters from the border / Cartas desde la frontera

The dialog about immigration is one of the main Troya Horses we have in our country of the United States. Because of it, as an artist, poet, writer, activist, and immigrant, I feel responsable to voice the voiceless and use art in a human conversation. My participation in Cartas Desde La Frontera, written by Dave Rivas and being produced by Teatro Nagual, is like putting my heart on the stage to be on multiple characters that I feel deep inside my womb as my own.

The first time we staged Cartas de La Frontera in Sacramento, it was on 2018 at the Sofia Theater, and at the Pantheon de Sacramento. Currently we are rehearsing this artistic piece on Zoom due to the world pandemic circumstances, and plan to release our first performance very soon. If you want to know more about and see videos or pictures from our 2018 performance, click here.