Prayer Warriors/ Guerreras En Oración: the book (6/2/2020) - Prayer Warriors/Guerreras en Oración was born as a prayer chain around the world to strengthen our faith and help each other -and the world – mitigate the pain and fear that arose during the Covid 19 confinement; and still prevails.  The 33 days of continuos prayer among women from all over the world represent the… Read More »
The art of writing / El arte de escribir (5/30/2020) - “When we write, we create, and when we offer our creation to one another, we close the wound of loneliness and may participate in healing the broken world. Our words, our truth, our imagining, our dreaming may be the best gifts we have to give.”—Pat Schneider, Writing Alone and With Others My bilingual (English/Spanish) workshops based on… Read More »