Back To The Ring With Empty Arena
Photo Top Rank Boxing

By Raquel Ruiz

Mikaela Mayer of Los Angeles (12-0, 5KO) will be setting the new pace in boxing on June 9 in a fight without spectators that will take place at the the Grand Ballroom of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The decorated Top Rank boxer has been speeding her climb to the summit of her weight division. Mayer is trained by respectable Olympian coach Al Mitchell and she will be boxing against Helen “Iron Lady” Joseph of Nigeria (17-4-2, 10 KOs).

The card has six fights headlined by USA sensation Shakur Stevenson of New Jersey (13-0, 7 KOs), who will face Puerto Rican contender Felix “La Sombra” Caraballo (13-1-2, 9 KOs).

Mayer and Stevenson have been in camp getting sharp and ready, while most of the world has been secluded in their own houses during the Pandemic. It will be with out doubt a great challenge for Mayer and Stevenson and the rest of the card, to fight without the roar of the public, that gives them an injection of adrenaline to perform in the ring.

“Yes you are right, having a crowd there definnitely pumps me up and is something I immediately loved about the pros.” Said Mayer in a phone interview.

She goes further on her thoughts about the new conditions and that perhaps the silence in the arena could play in her favor.

“I haven’t focused too much on the fact that there won’t be an audience because the second that bell rings all of that goes out the window anyway and I’m zoned in. It may even play into my favor since yes, I’ll now be able to hear coach Al’s voice very clearly. A voice I’ve always been very in tune with even in the middle of a fight.” Said Mayer.

The empty arena vs the boxing aficionados around the world thirsty of their favorite sport will be a great barometer for the “new normal” in boxing.

“I am so proud and excited about the fact that a female bout is being broadcasted as the co main for the FIRST fight back since the pandemic. It’s bigger than me at this point because the world will be watching. Even more so than before seeing as no other live sports are happening right now outside of the UFC. It’s a chance for me to showcase not just myself but women’s boxing, and on the most popular sports network in the world-ESPN. I feel a duty to put on an exceptional show and rep us women well. ” Said Mayer.